Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Power in Professional Readings

The Power in Professional Readings

Jenny McFerin, K-2 Literacy Collaborative Trainer
I have been doing an extensive amount of reading lately on the topic of developmental spelling.  From journal articles to theoretical texts to pedagogical texts, the readings have been very interesting. My understandings have been deepened, challenged, and revived. This has gotten me thinking about the power of reading a variety of texts on one particular area of interest.

How much time are you spending digging into your professional texts? Are you feeling like you need a boost in professional development? Consider revisiting some old favorites as a way to revive your understandings. Here are some suggestions for breathing life into those familiar readings:

  • Dip into several texts and read about one component of literacy. For example, if you are interested in conferencing in writing workshop, read about conferencing in several different texts by several different authors. What are the similarities? What are the differences? What are your new understandings?
  • Search for professional studies in a particular area and compare the findings with what you have been reading.
  • Create a study group. Have each participant read a different text’s section on the area of study you have chosen. What does each perspective say about the area of study? How does this compare with your current teaching practice? What else do you want to study?
Read!  Have fun!  Discover!

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