Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Project: Building up Classroom Library with Nonfiction Articles

Summer Project:  Building up Classroom Library with Nonfiction Articles

Why?  Various sources suggest that classroom libraries should contain 50% to 60% nonfiction material for our readers, regardless of the grade level.  Personally, I haven’t seen a classroom library that comes close to that yet.  I’m sure that is due to the expense of adding nonfiction books.  However, I do understand the need to expose our readers at every age to nonfiction materials, since it is reported that about 90% of what adults read is nonfiction.

How?  I just started a summer project that I wanted to share with you.  I am collecting articles from the internet that can be included in a classroom library.  I plan to print off the articles and organize them so that readers can select articles by topics.  (I actually found a large magazine holder for the articles at a yard sale for $4!)

I believe reading these nonfiction articles will support their comprehension of informational text, provide them with a wealth of mentor texts for writing articles, encourage them to explore content-related topics further, and be very enjoyable (Wow! What a concept, huh?!)

Susan Johnson, a literacy coach at Malabar Intermediate, has already started a similar project for nonfiction articles.  She has downloaded articles from the internet, placed them on colored folders, laminated them, and organized them in bins by topics/subjects (color-coded folders).  She has included a section for “mini-biographies”.

I’ve listed below some of the sites that I’m going to use for my article collection.  Please post any sites for articles that you are willing to share.  My goal is to have 50 articles by August!  I’ll keep you posted!

Websites for Articles

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